DUI and OWI Offenses

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Dealing with an Operating While Intoxicated charge, or OWI, is rarely a simple matter. The legal consequences have become even stricter to deter instances of drunk driving in Iowa and Nebraska. Peters Law Firm’s DUI lawyers and OWI lawyers in Council Bluffs in Southwest Iowa understand that things happen. When you are in need of representation in an Iowa or Nebraska court following recently filed OWI or DUI charges, trust the diligence and skill of our experienced DUI lawyers in Council Bluffs.

Our Commitment to our Clients in Cases of OWI and DUI in Council Bluffs

Our lawyers in Council Bluffs are qualified to assist you through the legal struggles that come with being charged with an OWI or DUI. Our lawyers in Council Bluffs and Southwest Iowa are dedicated to protecting your best interest and experience in providing quality representation.

Representing OWI in DWI in Council Bluffs for Decades

If you’re charged with Operating While Intoxicated (OWI), you want a DUI lawyer in Council Bluffs and Southwest Iowa who knows the landscape. The DWI attorneys at Peters Law Firm have years of experience in DUIs and OWIs, as well as a long and effective track record in the local communities we serve. A DUI/OWI conviction can be a life-changing experience so you want a DWI lawyer who will explain the charges, the legal consequences, potential consequences, and options for a course of action. Our team of dedicated OWI/DUI lawyers in Council Bluffs and Southwest Iowa have the track record, strong ethical record, confidence, and skill to represent your legal matter. Our lawyers have long-term local relationships and are committed to educating, advising, and communicating clearly with our clients throughout the Council Bluffs, Southwest Iowa, and Eastern Nebraska areas.

Lawyers Dedicated to Helping Council Bluffs

Our law firm in Council Bluffs understands conflicting life situations that often end in Court.  When it comes to the experience you need for assistance with claims or the additional services our DUI lawyers offer throughout the Council Bluffs area, Peters Law Firm carries the knowledge you need. Peters Law Firm has brought quality assistance and quality legal representation throughout the Council Bluffs area since 1895.

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Peters Law Firm in Council Bluffs has a team of trusted lawyers available for assistance and quality legal representation in OWI and DWI legal matters. For more information or to schedule a consultation with a member of our legal team in Council Bluffs call today or contact us online.

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