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Under the Iowa Workers' Compensation Act, people who are injured while doing their jobs may be entitled to seek compensation for medical bills and indemnity benefits. The process for obtaining these benefits can be confusing, and the assistance of an experienced workers' compensation lawyer in Council Bluffs will be extremely beneficial.

Workplace Accidents

Workplace Injury

Work Related Auto Accidents

Work Related Toxic Exposure

Workers' Compensation Lawyers Working with Injured Workers in Council Bluffs

Some less reputable insurance companies will go to any length to avoid paying workers' compensation claims. At Peters Law Firm in Council Bluffs, our workers' compensation attorneys represent injured workers in a wide variety of these claims. Our workers' compensation lawyers have extensive experience handling cases at all stages of the process. Whether you need help filing an initial claim for benefits or you need help with a contested‐case proceeding in Council Bluffs, our workers' compensation attorneys are ready to help. The attorneys at Peters Law Firm promise to work hard for you.

Our experienced workers compensation attorneys have served residents of Omaha, Beatrice, Columbus, Lincoln, Norfolk, and nearby areas since 1895!

Lawyers Representing Council Bluffs Clients in All Types of Workplace Injury Claims

No matter how your injury occurred while you were working, it is likely that you have a claim for benefits and you'll need the help of a qualified workers' compensation attorney in Council Bluffs to help you get what you deserve. Our workers' compensation attorneys have represented victims who have suffered all types of injuries doing all kinds of work. Our workers' compensation lawyers in Council Bluffs have a complete understanding of the benefits the law provides to injured workers, and our lawyers will seek the best approach to helping you secure the benefits you deserve. In addition, if your injury occurred as the result of a defective machine or piece of equipment, our workers' compensation lawyers in Council Bluffs can help you explore the viability of a separate claim against the manufacturer or other negligent parties.

COVID-19: Workers' Compensation

If you’re wondering if workers' compensation covers COVID-19, the answer is complicated. Typically, workers’ compensation does not cover routine community-spread illnesses like a cold or the flu because they usually cannot be directly tied to the workplace. However, during the coronavirus pandemic, some states have made exceptions for certain workers who develop chronic illnesses, such as cancer, resulting from repeated exposure to harmful materials and environments.

For more information on how COVID-19 impacts workers' compensation, contact Peters Law Firm by calling (712) 328-3157.

Our workers' compensation lawyers in Council Bluffs have experience with claims involving all types of workplace injuries, including the following:

  • Construction Accident Injuries
  • Injuries at Factories and Manufacturing Facilities
  • Meatpacking Plant Injuries
  • Arm Accident Injuries
  • Work‐Related Auto Accidents
  • Workplace Falls
  • Workplace Fires and Explosions
  • Injuries from Exposure to Toxic Substances
  • Other Work-Related Injuries

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Our workers' compensation attorneys in Council Bluffs will provide experienced lawyers to pursue your claim. Our lawyers are the workers' compensation lawyers in Council Bluffs you can trust for nearly any legal issue you may face. Allow our attorneys to help you discover the true meaning of assistance with claims and our additional services offered. Call our workers' compensation attorneys now for all the additional information you may need surrounding your legal issues in Council Bluffs today!

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