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It’s hard for many of us to imagine a time when we’re no longer capable of handling our affairs on our own. However, it’s crucial for you and your loved ones that you cover all bases in case you die or are suddenly and unexpectedly rendered unable by your financial and health-related affairs.

The attorneys at Peters Law Firm in Council Bluffs have helped many Iowans with estate planning and representation through our power of attorney services.

Our experience, dedication, and care are at your service to ensure power of attorney and probate matters are handled in your best interests. 

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What Is Power of Attorney? 

Power of attorney involves granting another person, persons, or party the authority to act in service of the legal and financial matters of another. It can also be a term in reference to a legal document granting the power of attorney to someone.

Using a power of attorney ensures that if the concerned party becomes incapacitated or incapable of normal reason, the assets of that person would remain secure, and all legal obligations would continue to be met.

During the creation of a POA document, carefully managed stipulations and terms must be followed, which makes the initial drafting and enacting of a power of attorney document incredibly important.

Power of attorney can be used to grant the ability of another party to handle:

  • Managing daily expenses 
  • Transferring assets to a trust
  • Matters of financial investment
  • The collection of income 
  • Handling annual taxes 
  • Asset and property claims pertaining to inheritance
  • Managing transitions with financial firms
  • Purchasing insurance policies for you
  • And considerably more

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Power of attorney is an incredibly sensitive topic, and one that demands careful planning and precision in drafting — a single mistake or omission may lead to the complete invalidation of the document or may open it up to challenge from other concerned parties.

It's our top priority to ensure that our client's wishes and stipulations are laid out plainly and indisputably. We will take great care to ensure your power of attorney process is as simple as possible and with the least amount of stress to you.

If you're concerned about becoming incapable of maintaining control of your assets, or wish to protect yourself and loved ones, we make it our top priority to make certain your power of attorney is conveyed in the best manner possible.

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Thorough planning in matters of estate planning, probate, and power of attorney can make all the difference for your Council Bluffs family when the time comes. Our lawyers in Council Bluffs take pride in working with clients to provide power-of-attorney services that will ensure their wishes are met during and after your physical life. Call the qualified estate planning and probate attorneys at Peters Law Firm in Council Bluffs today.

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