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For over a century, the lawyers of Peters Law Firm have provided quality legal support to residents of Council Bluffs, Southwest Iowa, and Nebraska. Our compassionate family law lawyers are dedicated to you and yours during times that can be painful and stressful.

Legal matters regarding your loved ones can be especially emotional and intense. Allow our family lawyers in Council Bluffs to bring you the assistance you need to achieve a peaceful and optimal resolution.


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Divorce Attorneys in Southwest Iowa & Nebraska

Ending a marriage is an emotionally trying time for all involved, but that doesn't mean the legal process needs to be unnecessarily complex. With the right legal team by your side, you can ensure a smooth, simplified divorce process that ends with a fair, reasonable settlement for you and your spouse.

At Peters Law Firm, our team has years of experience assisting with all types of divorce cases, including post-divorce modifications, throughout southwest Iowa and Nebraska, including:

  • Uncontested divorce
  • No-fault divorce
  • Mediated divorce
  • Collaborative divorce
  • Contested divorce
  • Arbitration
  • Property division
  • And more

No matter what your divorce litigation needs may be, our team of compassionate, knowledgeable family law attorneys can help.

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Prenuptial Agreements

Drawing up a prenuptial agreement may not be a romantic part of your engagement, but the lawyers of Peters Law Firm will assist you in an efficient manner that will grant you and your partner peace of mind, so you can celebrate the joy of your union.

Trust our family law lawyers in Council Bluffs and southwestern Iowa to protect your financial and business interests before entering a marriage.

A prenuptial agreement, or "prenup," is an agreement made by a couple, prior to marrying, regarding existing and future assets should the marriage fail. Any couple who has personal or business assets prior to marriage can benefit from a sound prenuptial agreement.

Before you ask one of our qualified family law lawyers to draft your prenuptial agreement, you and your loved one will want to discuss key terms of the agreement. The agreements can include directives regarding business assets or inherited assets that are to remain the sole property of one person should the marriage end.

The lawyers of Peters Law Firm are experienced in drafting effective and mutually satisfactory prenuptial agreements. We will thoroughly explain the complexities of prenuptial agreement proceedings and ensure that you're aware of exactly how that affects your assets.

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Child Support Attorneys in Iowa & Nebraska

Whether you're filing a petition for divorce with a child or you are suing for child support from an absentee partner, our team provides the comprehensive legal services you need to get the child support you're owed. Our knowledgeable family law attorneys have experience litigating all four types of child support cases, including:

  • IV-D
  • V-A
  • IV-E
  • Non-IV-D

Contact us to schedule an initial consultation today to learn more about your child support case classification and how our team can help.

Experience Family Law Attorneys in Council Bluffs

When you're faced with a divorce, separation, child custody, or child support issue, you need the family law attorneys who can help you do what's best for you and your family. Family law is a specialized practice area at Peters Law Firm in Council Bluffs, and our team of family lawyers is dedicated to helping you resolve your issues peacefully.

Our team includes lawyers with experience in the intricacies and delicacies that come with effectively advising families in crisis in matters of family law. Located in Council Bluffs, our lawyers help families throughout Southwest Iowa and Nebraska.

Our family attorneys are focused on the needs of your family in Council Bluffs. Our lawyers will prioritize your family goals and provide the best options for achieving them. Our family lawyers provide personal attention, listen carefully, and focus on the circumstances that make your case unique.

Family Law Lawyers Advocating for Families in Council Bluffs

When it comes to family law in Council Bluffs and Southwest Iowa, the family attorneys of Peters Law Firm have represented thousands of satisfied residents. Our family law lawyers are fully dedicated to bringing you the satisfaction and results you truly deserve regarding family law attorney services that our family lawyers offer in Council Bluffs.

Call our family attorneys for any additional information about our incredible family law attorney services throughout Council Bluffs and Southwest Iowa.

Family Law FAQs

What does family law mean?

Family law encompasses a set of legal principles that govern family relationships, covering aspects such as marriage, divorce, the welfare of children, and associated economic concerns.

How can a divorce attorney help?

The significance of having a skilled and seasoned divorce attorney cannot be emphasized enough. Your lawyer not only assists you through the essential stages of the divorce proceedings but also offers impartial and rational perspectives crucial in navigating the emotional complexities of the situation. The presence of the correct legal guidance during your family law concerns can significantly impact the time and financial resources expended, ensuring a favorable resolution.

How does the court determine child custody?

Various factors, including living conditions, proximity to family and schools, and parental income, influence the court's decision on child custody. The primary focus is on determining a custody arrangement that aligns with the child's best interests. Generally, joint custody is favored unless severe circumstances, such as abuse, substance abuse, or health issues, necessitate a different approach. In all cases, the court prioritizes the protection of the children's well-being.

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