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The lawyers of Peters Law Firm are experienced and talented. After years of experience with litigation, both in and out of the courtroom, our attorneys are ready to handle anything. Bad news doesn’t become better with time, so call us before things get any worse. Our staff will know what to do, and how to proceed in a manner that is in your best interest. We care about our clients, so you’ll never be treated like just another job when you choose us.

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Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers in Council Bluffs

Peters Law Firm provides quality criminal defense throughout Southwest Iowa and Eastern Nebraska. Our exceptional customer service means we’ll keep you informed through the process, keeping you abreast of your situation from start to finish. Our experience will aid us in breaking down the legalese into regular vernacular. We’re honored to be where residents of Council Bluffs turn to when things aren’t going as planned. We’ll be able to help you sort it out.

Council Bluffs Defense Attorneys for OWIs and Drug Charges

For criminal charges ranging from drug charges, to OWIs, to white-collar crimes, Peters Law Firm of Council Bluffs will work with you to help you understand the charges, process, and most importantly, your options. Our criminal defense lawyers are highly experienced and familiar with the courts. The staff of Peters Law Firm possess experience in all facets of criminal cases, from the initial charge all the way to the trial stage, if necessary.

Council Bluffs’ Premier Criminal Defense Attorney Service Provider

Peters Law Firm provides quality assistance with legal matters including trials, pleas, sentencing programs and more. Our criminal defense attorneys are diligent in handling any sort of legal matter with efficiency, effectiveness, and excellent customer service. We want our clients to truly feel taken care of and informed while we handle the legal work. Peters Law Firm is ready and able to handle anything you’re going through, you just need to ask.

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Peters Law Firm has been providing legal representation throughout Council Bluffs and Southwest Iowa since 1895. For decades Peters Law Firm has been entrenched within the Council Bluffs community, accommodating a myriad of legal needs. For us, litigation is about more than just the money; it’s about achieving justice for our clients. We work efficiently and diligently to provide the Council Bluffs community with qualified legal representation. Contact us for more information.

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Choose Peters Law Firm for a quality lawyer and law office in the Council Bluffs, IA area.Our experienced attorneys and dedicated staff are what make us one of the biggest and most experienced law firms in Southwest Iowa.

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