Estate Planning: More than Just Wills

If you’ve read our previous blog you know estate planning includes more than just Wills. A proper estate plan utilizes various mechanisms designed to distribute the things you own to the people or organizations you desire when you pass away. Thinking about decisions regarding death is not pleasant for anyone, but having a proper estate plan in place can help to alleviate concerns you may have regarding your loved ones. But just having a Will or Trust in place to distribute your assets is not always enough. Consider the unfortunate scenario that you have a serious accident or medical condition and don’t pass away but become incapacitated. Who will make your medical decisions? What about your financial decisions? Having power of attorney documents in place with trusted individuals designated to make these decisions on your behalf can help to alleviate these concerns and provide you with peace of mind. No one thinks something tragic is going to happen to them.  Make sure you are protected by having the proper estate plan in place. Scott J. Rogers John C. Rasmussen Leo P. Martin James A. Campbell Brody D. Swanson

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