Post-Divorce Modifications in Council Bluffs & Omaha

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Since 1895, Peters Law Firm in Council Bluffs has represented individual and business clients across Southwest Iowa and Eastern Nebraska. Peters Law Firm prides itself on the adept legal services we provide to our clients in Council Bluffs and Southwest Iowa, and we value the chance to work with you on legal matters ranging from divorce and legal separation to child custody and post-divorce modification.

Post-Divorce Modification Agreements in Council Bluffs

Circumstances can often change following the finalization of a divorce in Council Bluffs. Relations may become more flexible or more hostile, raising the need for post-divorce modification. If this is the case for your current situation, know that Peters Law Firm of Council Bluffs carries the knowledgeable family law professionals in who specialize in post-divorce modification. Our lawyers in Council Bluffs are prepared to analyze your previous dissolution agreement and modify it to better suit the current situation. The family law professionals of Peters Law Firm in Council Bluffs enjoy working closely with clients to ensure that their legal issues are handled with professionalism and dedication.

The Modification Process in Council Bluffs

The first step in the modifying an original divorce decree begins with a motion for modification. The motion will be filed by one of our qualified family law attorneys in Council Bluffs and throughout Southwest Iowa. The motion is filed with the court in Iowa or Nebraska that issued the original decree and will then be served to the spouse.

Post-Divorce Modification Throughout Southwest Iowa and Services in Council Bluffs

Our family law professionals in Council Bluffs will assist you with the necessary legal work needed to create a mutually beneficial solution for your unique situation. Going through a divorce can be emotionally stressful, and it can become substantially more intense if a conflict arises over the accompanying legal agreement. You can trust the divorce lawyers in Council Bluffs to take great care in pursuing a resolution that is most suitable to the particular needs of both parties.

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Peters Law Firm of Council Bluffs is the family law legal team to call for quality legal services. From case analysis to litigation, Peters Law Firm provides quality family law services. Allow our Council Bluffs lawyers to serve you; we'll work hard to create a fair post-divorce agreement that best suits your unique situation. Call us today in Council Bluffs.

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