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Peters Law Firm provides criminal defense attorneys to individuals in Council Bluffs, Southwest Iowa, and Nebraska. If you’re facing legal matters related to a criminal charge that was or may be brought against you in Council Bluffs or any of the locations mentioned above, you may need a criminal defense attorney with experience in the courthouse where the defendant’s case is pending. Criminal defense lawyers in Council Bluffs and Southwest Iowa understand the struggles of daily life, and we understand that things happen.

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Drug Related Crimes

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When it comes to criminal defense, please trust the skilled criminal defense in Council Bluffs and throughout Southwest Iowa at Peters Law Firm who possess comprehensive knowledge in the practice of criminal law. If you are at risk of serving prison time or paying a significant criminal penalty, you want a criminal defense lawyer who is experienced in your specific areas of criminal law and who knows the local landscape. Every criminal case is unique, so you need a qualified law firm like Peters Law Firm in Council Bluffs who can assist in matters ranging from pleas and trials and to sentencing programs.

Council Bluffs Defense Attorneys for OWIs and Drug Charges

For criminal charges ranging from to drug charges to OWIs to white-collar crimes, Peters Law Firm of Council Bluffs will work with you, help you understand the charges, process, and options available to you. Our criminal defense attorneys have the experience to see you through these trying times. The lawyers of Peters Law Firm possess experience in all facets of criminal cases from the initial charge all the way to the trial stage if necessary.

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers in Council Bluffs

The experienced lawyers of Peters Law Firm provide quality criminal defense throughout Southwest Iowa and Eastern Nebraska with the experience and service you can trust. Our lawyers have brought you the exceptional assistance and representation with our law firm ‘s criminal defense practice since we started offering these services. That’s many years of quality assistance and representation provided throughout Council Bluffs and Southwest Iowa.

Council Bluffs’ Criminal Defense Law Firm

Our lawyers are diligent in bringing you the quality representation you need. Peters Law Firm in Council Bluffs and Southwest Iowa provides quality assistance in legal matters including trials, pleas, sentencing programs and more. Our criminal defense attorneys are diligent in handling your matter or case with efficiency, effectiveness and client loyalty.

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Peters Law Firm employs a team of experienced criminal defense attorneys in Southwest Iowa you can trust to represent you as well as additional services provided by our criminal defense lawyers. Give our Council Bluffs lawyers a call today.

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